Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Delusional Hawk

This terrific graphic from the NY Times article titled How Hillary Clinton Became a Hawk says it all in terms of how delusional she is and was regarding foreign policy as seen by the US generated fubars in the Middle East, the Ukraine and relations with China and Russia, in which she played a significant role as Secretary of State and now as the Democratic Presidential candidate. Libya anyone? 

Furthermore ...

The Times story explores Clinton’s close relationship with the military. One of the many military officials Clinton befriended was Army Gen. Buster Hagenbeck, who turned out to be even less hawkish than she is. The general warned Clinton that a U.S. invasion of Iraq would be like “kicking over a bee’s nest.” It’s safe to say Clinton did not heed his warning.

She also befriended former general and CIA Director David Petraeus, infamous for his links to torture and death squads. In 2014, Petraeus insisted Clinton would “make a tremendous President.” A year later, he proposed that the U.S. government use “moderate” members of al-Qaeda to fight ISIS.

No longer needing to moderate her views for election, Clinton did not miss the next opportunity to support a troop surge. In 2009, the Obama administration was debating sending more soldiers into Afghanistan. The president and Vice President Biden were wary of an expansion. Clinton sided “with Gates and the generals,” the Times reports.

“She gave political ballast to their proposals and provided a bullish counterpoint to Biden’s skepticism.” In February, less than a month into office, President Obama announced a troop surge in Afghanistan.

Summing it up BRT style. The US blew 4 trillion dollars on failed projects including the following:
  1. Destroyed Syria, Libya and Iraq, thus turning them into sectarian nightmares and, in the case of Libya, did the deed for the oil and gold in that country. Hillary's emails & "We Saw, We Came, He Died."
  2. Displaced millions  of people from their respective countries. Rampant emigration anyone? 
  3. Needlessly killed thousands of young Americans with thousands more forever physically and mentally damaged. 
  4. Has continued the Bush started Afghan war, a slow motion failure in the making and ... is the longest US war in history. 
  5. Has plunged relations to Russia and China to their lowest levels since the end of the cold war in the 1980s.
  6. Created ISIS, due to the fact American Viceroy Paul Bremer did NOT HIRE THE PEOPLE WE CONQUERED (Saddam's troops) under the worst strategic blunder this nation has ever done, Bush's illegal war with Iraq. And the course, according to General Zinni, that we're on, is taking us over Niagara Falls.
Outside of that, Clinton's position (she supported "W"s fiasco as NY Senator) is pretty stellar, don't you think?

Addendum: Finding common ground.

WASHINGTON -- Donald Trump, the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination, has vowed to seek improved relations with Russia and China if he is elected to the White House, saying Washington and Moscow "should seek common ground based on shared interests."

In an April 27 foreign-policy speech, Trump said that while the United States and Russia had "serious differences," he believes it is "absolutely possible" to ease current tensions with Moscow if Washington approaches the relationship "from a position of strength."

"Common sense says this cycle -- this horrible cycle of hostility -- must end, and ideally it will end soon," Trump said as Russia's ambassador to the United States, Sergei Kislyak, sat in the front row for the candidate's wide-ranging speech at the Mayflower Hotel in Washington.

U.S.-Russian ties have plunged to levels of acrimony unseen since the end of the Cold War following Russia's military seizure of Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula in March 2014 and an ensuing war between Kyiv's forces and Russia-backed separatists that has killed more than 9,100 people.

Both U.S. President Barack Obama's administration and the European Union have slapped several rounds of sanctions on Moscow in response to Russia's actions in Ukraine, punitive measures that have angered the Kremlin.

Trump, who described Obama's overall foreign policy as "a complete and total disaster," said Washington and Moscow can find common ground, in part, because Russia "has also seen the horror of Islamic terrorism."

Sounds like a plan to me.

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