Monday, April 04, 2016

Going Dark ,,, Yet Again

What's truly amazing is the fact the Senate, in the form of WTF is The Matter With Kansas Senator Pat Roberts, has the right to try to pass the Dark Act Bill yet AGAIN while 89 - 90%% of us rubes want to know what's in our food, a rather important want if you know what I mean.

This is similar to the 90% that wants guns registered when the Senate denied the public's will, yet again, in deference to the NRA.

We need to end gerrymandering, to enact term limits and to demand the right of referendum to enable citizens to directly vote on bills that impact the entire country like the two stated in this blurb as these issues, like that of "W's" disastrous 2003 Iraq invasion and Johnson's escalation of Vietnam vis a vis the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, are too important to leave to the fools in congress given the sorry track records both houses have had on decisions as important as these truly are.

End of Rant, for now.

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