Saturday, April 30, 2016

Teetering on the Brink

BRT has talked often about collapse with four factors being the prime driver of same.
  1. Corruption of the state, dictated and run by the upper 1/10 of 1% and the banks and corporations that represent, as George Carlin said, The Real Owners of the Country.
  2. Inept leadership. Congress & the Presidency, bought and paid for by the elites.
  3. Environmental degradation whereby resources are plundered non-stop as seen by the depletion of food stocks in the oceans and continued pollution of the land/sea and food as seen by fracking and the introduction of GMOs into the food supply.
  4. Destruction of infrastructure, driven by the moving of monies to the parasitic military/industrial/congressional complex dictated by the same elites who run the country.
This is not unique as this collapse phenomenon has happened many times over the course of history. The only difference now is Global Warming, the 900lb gorilla driven by fossil fuel production, that will change our world in ways never seen by the kin of man.

  1. Elite power and well-being increase and is manifested in displays of wealth;
  2. Elites become heavily focused on maintaining a monopoly on power inside the society; Laws become more advantageous to elites, and penalties for the larger public become more Draconian;
  3. The middle class evaporates;
  4. The “misery index” mushrooms, witnessed by increasing rates of homicide, suicide, illness, homelessness, and drug/alcohol abuse;
  5. Ecological disasters increase as short-term focus pushes ravenous exploitation of resources;
  6. There’s a resurgence of conservatism and fundamentalist religion as once golden theories are brought back to counter decay, but these are usually in a corrupted form that accelerates decline.

Remember, phase transitions are never linear. The French revolution started when 7 prisoners were liberated from the Bastille. 

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