Tuesday, November 15, 2011


The NY Times strikes again. This time it's Trap!t, a new search engine dedicated to finding articles keyed to subject matter, something yours truly will use when looking for nuggets of gold to inspire me to comment on and make connections to other topics that, in labrinthian ways, make sense when trying to ascertain the impact said tech or science may have on any given aspect of civilization.

Trapit is like a much-improved RSS feed that learns what you like so it can personalize search results. Pick a topic and Trapit will cull the Web sites of blogs, magazines and newspapers to show you both the most recent and most relevant results. Then, based on what you read and what you tell Trapit you like and dislike by clicking thumbs up or thumbs down, it will adjust your search results using machine learning. If you search for Thanksgiving recipes but only click on those for vegan dishes, you will stop seeing turkey recipes, for instance.

Seen below is a trap!t for science, tech and society. Pretty cool way results are displayed I must say.

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