Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Great Equalizer

Death and the loss of power are the two great equalizers in America because both care not for money and status when one experiences one or the other during the short journey called life. In Redding, the October storm from hell dumped 12" of wet heavy stuff on us rubes, knocking out power, bringing down trees and canceling the myriad events every small town has regarding Halloween and all things relating to apple and pumpkin picking. Now that the storm has past (the town is still without power), one readily sees it matters not how big your house is or how large your bank account may be because without juice, the 17th century beckons with a vengeance.

In telling this tale of modest woe, the question to ask is, how did our ancestors fare without electricity and the benefits it brings to all of us. Food for thought, don't you think?

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