Friday, January 22, 2010

This Sentence is False

This sentence is false or the Liar's Paradox is apropos when considering the Supremes and the abdication of spending limits on campaigns, a decision which, on the face of it, states "Freedom of Speech" is reestablished while in reality, the voice of the people becomes moot. When looking at this egregious act of granting more power to the rich and connected as possible catalyst, one sees eerie parallels to the French Revolution whereby the monarchy could not and would not meet the needs of the bourgeois, the same situation our struggling middle class faces today as seen by recent actions of the banks, government, lobbyists and corporations.

As stated in prior posts, here are some viable reasons for possible violence:

  1. The real depression is about to begin as we have no money, debt is going through the roof and the bear market boom, floated by tax payer money and doled out by Wall Street, is running out of steam.
  2. Outrageous perks continue to be given to the banks even though they, in combination with government, created the crash in the first place (Rubin, Graham, Reagan, Bushes, Clinton & Obama along with Summers, Geithner & Paulson among significant others).
  3. The Heath Care debacle whereby Congress enjoys single payer paid by us, for life along with salaries and perks for life (one term does the deed) while the US has none save that of Medicare (paid by us and rightfully so) for seniors.
When seen through the eyes of armed, foreclosed and jobless Joe Six Pack, who can no longer feed his family, the stage is set for violent anger to make it's ugly face known. Because of this, if I were a financial type living in Greenwich, CT or related environs, I would begin to pucker up a bit because the clock's ticking and something needs to be done to get this country moving again (Leadership from Obama would help, don't you think?) in the right direction before it's too late.
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