Friday, January 22, 2010

The Next Revolution

The rise of the tablet computer will change everything in terms of how we deal with content. Why? Because true portability and real compute power combined with ease of use and proper form factor will transform computing into a wireless 24/7 connect space of unprecedented pervasiveness. Prior to these devices, nothing truly portable and elegant has come out save that of the smart phone.

Netbooks "kinda" work but one still has to flip out a screen and then type or use a mouse/finger pad to use the device, something not as convenient as reading a book or newspaper while sitting on the john.

With a table, if done right, fingers, stylus, keyboard or multi touch, combined with a cool interface, will enable one to interact with the system with appropriate "softness" like reading a book. If done right, everyone will want one, something Apple wants to happen big time.

As a suggestion, click on The Computing Surface to see the BRT blurb on how I would like to interact with one of these bad boys.

Addendum: I'll pass on iPad Rev 1.0 at this point in time as it doesn't have what I think is needed for this platform to be truly disruptive. Rev 2.0 might be but one never knows do one. :(.

Addendum 2: Touchco (The Computing Surface) was bought by Amazon. The battle for tablets has just begun.
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