Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Life Finds a Way

The possibility for life just keeps growing. "NASA's Cassini spacecraft tasted and sampled a surprising organic brew erupting in geyser-like fashion from Saturn's moon Enceladus during a close flyby on March 12. Scientists are amazed that this tiny moon is so active, "hot" and brimming with water vapor and organic chemicals."

Click on the image of Enceladus to get NASA's in-depth analysis on why life could exist there. It's a good read.

And if that's not enough, consider Titan, Saturn's largest moon possessing a dense atmosphere of methane, may harbor a vast ocean of water underneath it's crust or last but not least...

Europa, the leading candidate for extraterresterial life in our solar system as "Scientists are all but certain that Europa has an ocean underneath its surface ice, but do not know how thick this ice might be."

To read more on how life finds a way, click here.

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