Monday, March 03, 2008

Maybe a Silver Bullet

Although the graphic shows what a Depleted Uranium Round looks like (ramifications of the use of same on the battlefield goes beyond, beyond), the gist of this article Maybe a Silver Bullet is anything but. It looks like Yale University has discovered a possible Silver Bullet against cancer if the article in Biology News. Net is accurate. To whit: "Using artificial cell-like particles, Yale biomedical engineers have devised a rapid and efficient way to produce a 45-fold enhancement of T cell activation and expansion, an immune response important for a patient’s ability to fight cancer and infectious diseases, according to an advance on line report in Molecular Therapy."

If this tech works, a real revolution in terms of dealing with cancer and other deadly diseases may be at hand. Who knows, maybe chemo, surgery and radiation may be relegated to the dustbin of history, something that Bones McCoy could relate to in dealing with the shortcomings of the 20th century emergency room in the entertaining Star Trek flick, The Voyage Home.

One can only hope.
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