Sunday, February 10, 2008

Going Paperless

Finally, Going Paperless becomes possible because the infrastructure of how to send, manage and process information is at a point that paper is no longer required to do business, something that has been an incredibly elusive goal of techs like myself for over 30 years. In the NYT article titled Pushing Paper Out the Door, one can actually say with confidence, “Paper is no longer the master copy; the digital version is,” says Brewster Kahle, the founder and director of the Internet Archive, a nonprofit digital library. “Paper has been dealt a complete deathblow. When was the last time you saw a telephone book?”

When WiMax goes live in conjunction with fast, portable devices equipped with capacious solid state memory, oled displays and server driven/managed content, the ability for the world to go paperless can become reality.

For me, I can honestly say, Going Paperless applies except for Tax Time. Maybe this is why the IRS should go away.
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