Sunday, February 24, 2008

7 Conditions + 1

"Those who make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable." -- John F. Kennedy

Just read a really good article by Sara Robinson about politics, revolution and society.

"Bloggers are telling stories from the front lines of primaries and caucuses that look like something from the early 60s -- people lining up before dawn to vote in Manoa, Hawaii yesterday; a thousand black college students in Prairie View, Texas marching 10 miles to cast their early votes in the face of a county that tried to disenfranchise them. In recent months, we've also been gobstopped by the sheer passion of the insurgent campaigns of both Barack Obama and Ron Paul, both of whom brought millions of new voters into the conversation -- and with them, a sharp critique of the status quo and a new energy that's agitating toward deep structural change."

She discovered research on revolution that comes up with startling implications: "...Crane Brinton, ...laid out seven "tentative uniformities" that he argued were the common precursors that set the stage for the Puritan, American, French, and Russian revolutions." and skillfully relates it to what is currently happening in the US.

The seven conditions are: (Additional quotes to same are mine)

1. The Economy - We all know about the housing boom and financial speculation that fueled the artificial economic boom of the 'aughts. Now, the chickens are coming home to roost as the economy crashes due to gross financial malfeasance that goes beyond anything we have seen in our lifetime.

2. Class War - Tax cuts to the upper 1%, corporate giveaways to the extreme and the lack of universal health care are start points to citizen anger.

3. Deserted Intellectuals - Dumb & Dumber says it all.

4. Incompetent Government - This needs no documentation as politicians of all stripes are enablers of the worst kind.
Katrina - Example No. 1.

5. Gutless Wonders in the Ruling Class - Dems anyone? In fact, almost anyone with power has let us down. America have been sold down the river.

6. Fiscal Irresponsibility - The Bush Administration leads the way on this with Congress as willing accomplice.

7. Inept use of Force - Iraq anyone?

8. Technology - The eighth condition is the wild card as it impacts the seven in ways that cannot be fully understood. Tech is everywhere, inextricably connected to all aspects of society, something that must be factored in to any meaningful discussion about revolution as we move further into the 21st century.

Read Robinson's article, it's that important because if the next president can't change things for the better, then all bets are off regarding the future of America.

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