Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Touching the Fabric of Life

"Researchers believe the pipettes will be useful for concurrently measuring electrical signals of cells during fluid injection. In addition, the pipettes are transparent to X rays and electrons, making them useful when imaging even at the molecular level. Adding a functionalized protein to the pipette creates a nanoscale biosensor that can detect the presence of proteins."

No doubt we are getting closer to the tech of Dr McCoy where one will be able to ascertain what is going on without resorting to gross procedures involving needles, glass pipettes or labs that take a week to determine what illness any particular person may have.

Go to Cracked.Com to check out the best and worst Trek films. The Voyage Home is the one where McCoy goes ballistic over 20th century medicine. (he's right but what the hell, it's a flick right?) His tirade is worth the price of admission.
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