Monday, January 28, 2008

Gravity Waves

Successfully detecting vanishingly weak Gravity Waves has been a long standing quest as they are envisioned to be the mechanism which enables gravity to bend space and time as postulated by General Relativity in explaining how reality works at the large scale of things. (1919 eclipse experiment)

Successful Gravity Wave detection could be at hand because output of the Lowest Noise Laser "...results in a reduction in the quantum mechanical intensity fluctuations, known as photon noise, of 90 percent. Using this extremely quite light in gravitational wave detectors can drastically increase their sensitivity."

Now that GWave detection is near, using this information to build anti-gravity devices to enable heroes like Luke Skywalker and Flash Gordon to battle Jabba the Hut & Ming the Merciless may be here at last. I for one, can't wait. :)

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