Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Motion Mountain

When one browses the net as often as I do, one finds gems that are too good to pass up. Motion Mountain is such a jewel, a free, up to date book on physics. Some of the questions posed by Christoph Schiller include the following:

"How does a rainbow form?
Is levitation possible?
Do time machines exist?
What does 'quantum' mean?
What is the maximum force value found in nature?
Is 'empty space' really empty?
Is the universe a set?
Which problems in physics are still unsolved?"

What's cool about this is that people can add content to the book via the MM wiki and the book itself is loaded with illustrations, puzzles and brain teasers to accompany well written text that elegantly explains arcane concepts in ways lay people like myself can easily understand.

Check it out, without a doubt, you will learn something.
I know I have.
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