Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Dumpster fire



dump·ster fire


variants or less commonly Dumpster fire

US, informal

: an utterly calamitous or mismanaged situation or occurrence : DISASTER

Kinda says it all in the land of the free and home of the brave as all three branches exhibit this deplorable condition beginning with Congress with 95% of these self serving pols being reelected every year thanks to no term limits, a condition contrary to how reality works as nature, due to the three laws of thermodynamics, is alway evolving unlike the steady state environs of an ossified entity holding this once great nation as hostage 24/7.

The unitary presidency, an office well on the way to becoming a dictatorship now that the SC has placed said office holder to be above the law in all actions taken by said individual as long as said actions are deemed to be "official" acts conducted by the president. Note that any actions undertaken by individuals tasked for doing the job at hand are NOT above the law but give it time, the SC might give those people immunity as well just to keep their immunity ruling consistent with the dictates of the supremes.

Speaking of the supremes, rulings negating a women's right to choose, the ongoing elimination of the separation of church and state and the concept of a corporation being a person, courtesy, Citizen's United, are just some of the rather questionable decisions including the Chevron Deference made by justices who don't understand how proper jurisprudence should be applied as the nation moves further into the 21st century.

Of course we haven't talked about AI or climate change or the possibility of WW III
as other instances of dumpster fires but we will ... 

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