Monday, July 08, 2024

Acknowledgment hurts ...

Old people don't want to acknowledge they can't do things like they use to do back in the day. Being an old geezer, I know this is true. In my case, cycling, a sport I adore but have not gotten back to riding as I don't know if this old soul can do it any more near the level I did 10 years ago. The same calculus should apply to Biden but in his case, his honest self evaluation is crucial as every time I see this guy, I see the ravages of old age at play. The old guy squint gives it away whereas "Is that Susie over there? I can't be sure but I think so." is part of Joe's persona whether he likes it or not.

A deer in headlight applies when Agent Orange gave him a new one during the debate. If he stays in, along with Harris, Trump will win, period.

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