Monday, May 01, 2023

Channeling Tesla

Channeling Tesla, DARPA goes big time on developing wireless power transfer to military hardware. The question to ask here, why not for civilian use? Methinks it will happen if the military initiative proves to be successful. 

DARPA plans to create wireless energy transfer infrastructure to supply near-uninterruptable power to U.S. military bases worldwide. The plan, as reported by Popular Mechanics, is to use laser technology to beam electricity around the planet. Famously a dream of Nikola Tesla over 100 years ago, if successful, this technology, called fittingly enough POWER ("Persistent Optical Wireless Energy Relay"), would make the U.S. military less reliant on liquid fuel like diesel and vulnerable power lines, which can be intercepted or sabotaged by enemy forces.

Nikola Tesla was one of the first minds to envision a wireless future. In the year 1900, he claimed that there would be precise wireless transmission of signals that would be received by devices no larger than a watch. He's of course describing what we now know as radiowaves, the foundation of how our modern connected electronics work.

Tesla, in fact, believed in this idea of wireless communication and energy transfer so much that he started constructing a transmitting station in New York to prove his point. Called Teslas' 'World System of Wireless', it was unfortunately never completed due to Tesla running out of money. 

Tesla's concept ...

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