Sunday, February 21, 2021

The Star Spangled Banner ...

My future wife and I were actually at Woodstock as my loyal readers know. Crappy weather, amazing music and a vibe that will never come back, IMHO, describes how the 4 day seance went down, an experience forever etched in our minds. We left due to the weather and exhaustion and ... while being assisted by the noble Wavey Gravy and crew to push our paisley decorated 57 VW van though the mud, we heard Jimi's searing version of the National Anthem, a paean  of protest against a misguided foreign policy initiative based on a lie known as Vietnam. 

The youth of The New Yorker's Paul Grimstad is evident here but also is his passion and knowledge of 60's music ranging from Miles and Monk to Joni and Chuck, something both telling and wonderful as he gets what the late 60's were all about. Read his entire piece, it's the right thing to do. :)

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