Saturday, February 06, 2021

QC/Ethics/Costs ...

Everything has a cost. There ain't no such thing as a free lunch thanks to the two laws of thermodynamics, a fact BRT has bandied about for quite some time. The above clip discusses this fact regarding AI and Quantum Computing, as both are open ended and fraught with possibilities of the negative kind.

Metallurgy, steam power and the integrated circuit are just a few of the many technologies that have had a profound effect on humanity. Will quantum computing soon join this list? Some people think so and they are warning that we should begin thinking about the ethical implications of a technology that could solve problems well beyond the reach of even the most powerful quantum computers. In the above video from Quantum Daily, six leading lights in the nascent quantum computing industry discuss the issue.

TANSTAAFL, on the other hand, indicates an acknowledgement that in reality a person or a society cannot get "something for nothing". Even if something appears to be free, there is always a cost to the person or to society as a whole, although that may be a hidden cost or an externality. For example, as Heinlein has one of his characters point out, a bar offering a free lunch will likely charge more for its drinks.[8]

Same as it ever was - Talking Heads.

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