Monday, February 22, 2021

A sense of decorum

Having a sense of decorum, you know, having the notion of dressing appropriately, especially in public, no longer applies for a significant portion of the American public. Just go to Walmart to see people in garb designed to show just how so many decide to let it all hang out with nary a care in the world. Now channel this notion in trying to define quality, an essence incredibly difficult to describe but able to be understood if one has the wherewithal to know what quality is when one sees it for the very first time.

With Pirsig, quality is intrinsically connected to morals as to have morals is to have ethics and a sense of what's right, something forever destroyed by Vietnam as civility, along with quality, began to fray due, in large part, to the fact the catastrophe of Vietnam was based on a lie. 

Upon reading Lilia, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance comes to mind as The Tao is to assume nothing and accept the fact change is the only constant, the basis of not only Pirsig's take on dynamic quality being an undefinable essence but also on the act of creation itself, a process of being and not thinking until the act is complete.

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