Friday, January 15, 2021

We have lost control/rev II

Photo by Natasa Grabovac on Unsplash

BRT has talked copiously about AI and the inherent dangers said tech has as its open ended and evolving at rates far beyond the kin of man thanks to the marriage of analog neural nets to real time genetic algorithms. Seems yours truly is not alone about this given just how fast AI is gaining ever greater smarts 24/7. 

8 steps to control AI ... we hope.

Such an “ethics engineering” approach has been very useful in the design of systems that make autonomous  decisions  on  behalf  of  human  beings.   However,  their  scope is  not  suitable  for  the problem of controlling superintelligence (Yudkowsky, 2007).

In other words, we don't know how neural net driven AI works and ... real time evolving code must be written by code, not humans, this is why we have lost control. 

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