Friday, January 08, 2021

$460 millon ... & counting

1/6/21, a shit show for the ages, not only performed by the idiots inspired by Agent Orange but also from the massive failure of the Capital Police's inability to control these people in any way shape or fashion even though they are flush to the max, have complete knowledge of the small area they cover and are supposedly the most experienced of all the nation's polices forces in terms of handling large crowds. 


It gets better ...

Last but not least ...

To yours truly, this incompetence points out the fact YOU DON'T SOLVE PROBLEMS BY THROWING MONEY AT IT, a skill set the politicos have perfected as art form whether it be the bloated 740 billion dollar 2020/21 defense budget or HC costing over a cool 3.4 trillion a year while COVID-19 runs amuck in the US. Not acceptable. Seems Sortition is the right way to go regarding the art of governance as the "elected" government we have right now is useless, kinda along the lines of tits on a bull.

End of rant for now.

Addendum: Read the entire Politico piece as you will learn a lot. I know I have. 

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