Wednesday, December 30, 2020

No skin in the game/rev I

People with no skin in the game ... aka, entities given permission to do stupid shit.
  • Bankers, both commercial and investment: They get bailed out if things go south. 
  • Insurance Companies: As long as they get their premiums, particularly medical, it matters not how they screw patients and docs alike.  
  • Hospital execs: Using grossly overpriced and inefficient software to run their hospitals, it’s ok as long as expenses are passed on to patients.
  • Religious leaders: Paradise awaits but never arrives.
  • Defense contractors: Dealing in death while keeping hands clean.
  • Economists: The dismal science that’s not a science. 50/50 chance of being right.
  • Judges: Forever separate from the cases they decide on.
  • Government Bureaucrats: Hidden in the endless realm of governmental complexification, bad policy goes unpunished unless it’s so bad, somebody has to take the hit.
  • Politicians, including presidents: Remain forever separate from catastrophic economic and foreign policy initiatives as long as they get reelected. Nam, Iraq Libya and Afghanistan
  • The MIC/Military Industrial Complex: They own the politicians so endless war makes lots of money while people and countries die. Nam, Iraq Libya and Afghanistan ...
Professions requiring no skills outside of the ability to BS. Religious leaders and politicians.

Any questions?

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