Thursday, March 12, 2020

It's different now ...

It's different now. ...

No links, no quotes, just a quick blurb commenting on how the world's shutting down, thanks to CORVID-19, nature's wake up call to us humans telling us, as stated before in BRT, that we are not in control, something we should have known about since the beginning of time but forgot thanks to incessant hubris as the temporary dominant species on planet earth.

Where do we go from here while the environment unravels thanks to our foolish ways of continuing to pollute our home in ways that boggle the mind.

A wake-up call is in order and maybe the coronavirus is nature's way in telling us to shape up or Gaia will take of the problem without question. 

Just a thought as the world shuts down thanks to nature's wake-call to us rubes.

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