Friday, March 06, 2020

Fragility/rev 2

The pix above is of an tiny ice droplet, something fragile to the max, something akin to modern civilization, a system prone to breaking to pieces if any significant black swan comes around to muck things up, something akin to the coronavirus outbreak and the impact said disease is beginning to have on society as we move further into 2020. With that being said, consider some of the following bon bons that may ensue thanks to mother nature telling man in no uncertain terms that he's not in control and never will be in any way, shape or fashion.

Wicked Problem No. 1: China needs its workers back to work pronto or its debt ridden economy vapor locks but there's a small problem. What is the possibility of the virus exploding to biblical proportions when millions of said workers come in close contact with unknown carriers of said disease as unknown carries in the work force will be returning to work like all the others.

Wicked Problem No 2: All things related to financial as the negative impact to the world's economy by the virus is beginning to take hold with a possible end result of a planet wide depression of biblical proportions if the outbreak goes into overdrive. See WP No. 1

Wicked Problem No. 3: Supply chains of all kinds jam up with the most important being food, clothing, medical & energy. If that happens, man becomes tribal without question and ...., the 2020 elections don't happen due to the black swan known as the coronavirus.

Wicket Problem No. 4 : As per Charles Hugh Smith ... we face a binary situation: either the science is correct and all the complacent are wrong, or the science is false and all the complacent are correct that the virus is no big deal and nothing to fret about. 

Something to think about don't you think?

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