Thursday, October 03, 2019

Defending Science

BRT has long questioned the Trump administration's adverse take on science and it's 24/7 push to subvert or politicize the same for political gain and/or corporate profits as needs warrant but people are resisting because turning one's back on science guarantees the slow demise of any country as the world moves ever forward into the 21st century.

To whit ...

In recent years, the norms and expectations that once ensured that our government was guided primarily by the public interest rather than by individual or partisan interest have significantly weakened. There are now far fewer constraints to deter abuse by executive branch actors. This report focuses on two distinct areas: the growing politicization of government science and research and the breakdown of processes for filling key government positions.

It gets better.

Now, we are at a crisis point, with almost weekly violations of previously respected safeguards.

Dangeville without a doubt. Click here for the full National Task Force Report.

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