Thursday, October 17, 2019

A Constitutional crisis looms ...

This illustration by Victor Juhasz truly represents the inner character of The Donald. If one goes to Rolling Stone, one will see other Juhiaz gems of the esteemed POTUS but ... as my loyal readers know, this blurb isn't about a great illustrator but rather about impeachment and what it means for America.

On most of these issues, yours truly agrees but to this writer, the real transgressions lie with the denial of science, the gutting of the EPA and Trump's muzzling  of NOAA/NASA regarding hurricanes or the adverse impact of global warming on the world, as these acts compromise the well being of the country's people and, to me, constitutes the real reason for impeachment (not Ukraine or Russiagate) 

Being above the law also applies  ... 

There have been earlier impeachments and interferences with democratic institutions in our history, but nothing like this one. In this, as he likes to say, Trump truly stands alone. He has assaulted American democracy, claimed he has the authority to do so, and dared anybody to do anything about it, dismissing with contempt Congress’ clear constitutional authority to oversee and check the executive branch. He thinks he can use the office of the presidency as a personal instrument, along with private emissaries, to desecrate the rule of law and then protect himself from the consequences. He even declares in public that he is the law, claiming that, according to Article II of the Constitution, “I have the right to do whatever I want as president.” Not even the most corrupt and criminal of our previous presidents has tried to pervert our most sacred institutions as openly as Trump has.

Question ... If impeachment does succeed, the stellar Mike Pence becomes god's warrior for America. Warms the cockles of one's heart doesn't it?

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