Monday, July 29, 2019

5000 data points

There is no privacy as our data is being monetized/weaponized 24/7 depending on the kind of entity who crunches our histories as said data harvesting & tailoring is a trillion-dollar business practiced by tech giants Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon, along with some significant others, as information has become the most valuable commodity in the world thanks to the rise of the web.

To whit ...

But it’s hard to control a weapon you can’t see, and that's where The Great Hack offers even those very familiar with data tracking, and with the whole story of Cambridge Analytica, something powerful and new. It makes visible the normally invisible data of our everyday lives, and how it is harvested and weaponized against us. Through thoughtful narration and emoji-inspired animations, Amer and Noujaim reveal the digital detritus we leave in our wake whenever we send an email, look something up on a search engine, linger over an ad, make a purchase, or hit "like" on social media. And then, as alarming music swells in the background, the film uses that CGI to show how this data trail is being leveraged against us, every day: to sell us things, get us to vote or to stay home from the polls, to divide or unite us according to the whims of whoever has paid enough to take our digital threads and weave them into a web of their own desires.

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