Monday, February 27, 2017

Bizarro World

Bizarro World, the imperfect environment of an alternative universe filled with alternate superman comic characters, was a favorite of yours truly as the wrongheadedness of BW was curiously refreshing from the all American superhero who could do no wrong. As per BRT, this is not about Bizarro World but about the Trump Administration as said entity is doing virtually everything wrong starting with:
  1. Doing an about face on foreign policy to back the deep state.
  2. Deep sixing the environment by killing the EPA.
  3. Gaming the system to unequaled heights for WS, corporations and the upper 1/10 of 1%.
  4. Pushing education toward vouchers and jesus.
  5. Moving ever forward into dead and polluting industries like coal and oil instead of renewables.
  6. Turning HC into an even greater disaster that what has happened with Obama Care. 
Any questions?

Had to add another. 

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