Monday, February 06, 2017

Going Backward in Time

It started with removing mentions of climate change on the White House website, and now we are looking at an outright dissolution. Since Donald Trump’s inauguration, the government’s support of scientists and administrative organizations combating climate change (and protecting the environment) has dramatically decreased.

Case in point, on Friday February 3, Republican Florida congressman Matt Gaetz presented the bill H.R.861, which would eliminate the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Not wanting to beat around the bush, the bill is actually called the bill “to terminate the Environmental Protection Agency” — a pretty straightforward name that shows how the winds are changing in Washington.

As stated in a BRT blurb titled Physics Doesn't Care, climate change, caused by us rubes, is accelerating along with environmental degradation, two inconvenient truths that threaten the existence of man, realities the Trump administration ignores at our peril in order to pursue short term financial gains. This becomes even more interesting as China begins to move away from coal while Trump moves toward it even though coal is, for all intents and purposes dead, due to rise of natural gas, increased efficiency in energy use and the rise of sustainables.

Question, what's wrong with this picture?

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