Monday, August 15, 2016

Reality Check

Armata T-14 - The most advanced tank in the world.

Whenever I think about the NeoCons, including Hillary, and their really stupid notions about war,  especially with Russia, something these people have never been a part of, let alone military service, images like this come to mind, really powerful tech backed by a real country more than willing to defend itself, who knows how to build weapons designed to handle the vagaries of the real world  AK47 vs. the F35. better then the US. Adding to this blinding stupidity is the notion war is an affair that can be controlled, a notion completely at odds with reality, something the MICC  
Military/Industrial/Congressional/Complex seems utterly incapable of understanding in any way shape or fashion.

As an aside, yours truly did two years in the the Army with a stint in Korea instead of Nam, thank god.


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