Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Up to here ...

The Big Short, awesome both as book and flick, points out in spades that a revolution is nigh. With luck, it will be a peaceful one as people are up to here with the status quo where wall street, corrupt politicians and the military industrial complex rule while the middle class continues to get hosed in more ways than one can count. This populist revulsion of the status quo covers the entire political spectrum whether it be Tea Partiers railing about immigration or the relentless incursion of government in all aspects of our lives or the left taking about the obscenity of US healthcare and the education ripoff, topics bandied about by the totally unforeseen successful disruptors of politics Trump and Sanders.

And it's about time.

Read the book and, in the movie, check out the gal at the black jack table telling, in a few sentences, why wall street makes Vegas look like a shrine because it least in Vegas, you're betting on something that's real. Priceless says it all. :)

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