Friday, February 05, 2016

An Incovenient Truth

Every time yours truly hears the Repugs stating, with great passion, that America was founded as a christian nation, the question that always arises is, Have you read any history about the Founding Father's beliefs as they were products of the Age of Reason aka the Clockwork Universe, something that always seems to conveniently escape the Ted Cruz's of the world when bloviating 24/7 about jc and his esteemed role in the creation of a country called America.

To learn more about the FFs. click here to see why this country was exceptionally lucky to have the kind of people involved in the creation of a somewhat imperfect government construct based on the sound premise that separation of church & state was essential if a country was to succeed as a viable entity on planet earth, a notion being violated 24/7 by not only the Repugs but also the supremes with Hobby Lobby and Greece NY.

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