Monday, February 29, 2016

A Train Wreck Waiting to Happen :)

6 months ago, yours truly stated that Trump had a real shot at the GOP nomination. Needless to say, all parties listening to said bloviator responded with choice tidbits like, "You're crazy, Never happen, Dream on, Jeb's got it in the bag". Well, at this point in time, unless something truly extraordinary happens, The Donald looks like he's going to get it. As for Hillary, it looks like she'll be the candidate for the Dems but the notion of Hillary beating Trump big time, not so fast as seen by the juicy blurbs seen below. :)

It gets better ...

This has the makings of the WWE with Trump having a field day with Hillary. If a miracle happens and Sanders becomes the Dems' candidate, the campaign would become far more substantial as Trump respects Sanders as a smart politician with integrity, something not quite so true with Hillary.

Addendum: I agree with this take on The Donald and Hillary without question.

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