Sunday, January 10, 2016


Yours truly is not in love with Tony Blair or Muammar Gaddafi but at least Libya was a secular and viable nation under Gaddafi just as Iraq was when Saddam was the strong man in control before the US decided to do really stupid shit regarding both nations, first under "W" with his incredibly stupid attack on Iraq, based on a lie (WMDs) and Obama's equally stupid attack on Libya for the oil and gold. With this in mind, consider what is happening in Europe vis a vis a rather interesting set of conversations between the two, who had a comfortable working relationship beginning around 2001.

When looking at the needless destruction of Libya on the part of the US, the reaction of former Secretary of State Clinton regarding Gaddafi is most interesting to say the least.

  And we haven't even discussed Syria.

Stop making sense - Talking Heads

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