Sunday, January 17, 2016

Alan Rickman - A Class Act to the Max.

This charming video that saves lives by having us view it, was voiced by Alan Rickman, a class act to the max, who died this week at 69, the same age as recently deceased David Bowie a  musician whose work will stand the test of time. From all accounts, not only was Rickman an actor's actor but also was kind and loyal to a fault, traits all too rare in this dog eat dog world of 2016.

The world of stage and screen is in mourning for one of its most singular and best-loved stars. Alan Rickman died on Thursday morning aged 69 after suffering from cancer. His agent said that he died at home, surrounded by family and friends.

Emma Thompson, who had collaborated with Rickman on the likes of Sense and Sensibility, Love Actually and Rickman’s directorial debut, The Winter Guest, spoke of her immense sadness, having “just kissed him goodbye”.

“What I remember most in this moment of painful leave-taking is his humour, intelligence, wisdom and kindness,” she wrote. “His capacity to fell you with a look or lift you with a word.”

Alan Rickman

Like David Bowie, yours truly will miss him big time.

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