Monday, January 04, 2016

Facts don't matter

As a techie, yours truly really cares about the accuracy of data. Is it vetted?, is it correct?, something BRT tries to do as much as possible when posting these "wonderful" missives to you my loyal readers. To that end, The Donald posted a blast against illegal immigration with particular emphasis given to, you guessed it, Mexico, but in putting together this magnum opus, the geographical accuracy of said ad needs a little bit of adjustment as per Politifact, the watchdog site that vets the bloviations of the bloviators running for president. :)

In a new television ad -- his campaign’s first -- Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shows footage of dozens of people swarming over a border fence. But the footage isn’t as it seems.

About halfway through the ad, a narrator says of Trump, "He'll stop illegal immigration by building a wall on our southern border that Mexico will pay for." Video footage shows dozens of people streaming across the border, as if they were ants fleeing an anthill.

The clear suggestion is that the footage is of the "southern border" between the United States and Mexico. But it’s not -- it’s 5,000 miles away, in a small Spanish enclave on the mainland of Morocco.

Here is said ad.

Here's where the actual immigration actually occurred.

Last time I checked, Morocco is not part of Mexico.

Last but not least, The Donald should check out this little factoid.

Any questions?

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