Tuesday, September 15, 2015


BRT has talked copiously about global warming for years with connects to James Hansen's work and to numerous NOAA and NASA articles citing specific facts as to why burning fossil fuels is detrimental to one's health, including the planet's. On the heels of of all this verbiage comes a blurb from the NY Times reinforcing James Hansen's emphatic wakeup call to the Shells of the world to leave it in the ground before it's to late.

Click here to get the consise article detailing the "doomsday" scenario from Science Advances.

Well Barack, why in hell did you give Shell the permit to drill in the Arctic?

Last but not least, the NY Times piece also factored in Greenland, along with significant other ice environs as the Arctic, as per the Antarctic, is doing the same meltdown dance as we speak.

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