Thursday, September 10, 2015

Collaboration 2 Step

The Best coverage worldwide, complete with evocative graphics, touts AT&T's end to end connectivity to us 24/7 but lost in the shadows, the tagline inadvertently points to something all together different, AT&T's deep connect to it's erstwhile partner, the NSA, a fact not known to the public at large, until now.

It gets better.

The documents also show that another program, code-named Stormbrew, has included Verizon and the former MCI, which Verizon purchased in 2006. One describes a Stormbrew cable landing that is identifiable as one that Verizon operates. Another names a contact person whose LinkedIn profile says he is a longtime Verizon employee with a top-secret clearance.

Seen below is a diagram showing a small part of just how sophisticated the network data flow from AT&T to the NSA truly was, something not denied by either party thanks to the accuracy of the data collected when Edwin Snowden blew the whistle on these guys.
The question to ask now is, is the connect still on? Only FISA knows, for sure.

Seen below is the art used to support the Best tagline. If nothing else, it's creative as hell.

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