Monday, September 21, 2015

Genius is ...

Richard Feynman was a very cool guy. Musician, painter, Nobel Laureate and teacher, he was genius incarnate, NOT in IQ (125) but in being able to make connections, something yours truly has talked about for years. This connectedness & vision, along with the ability to see deep relationships among differing aspects of reality, permeate the work of all true creatives, whether they be farmers, architects, physicists or artists (etc., etc) as the discipline in question shapes the kind of output produced. As stated before in BRT, intelligence, is a prerequisite of vision, vision is not a prerequisite of intelligence as vision is an extremely rare commodity, something Feynman had in great abundance. :)

In 1959, Feynman's  stunning Plenty of Room  at the Bottom lecture described the potential of miniaturization and nanotech 20+ years before the notion, let alone the possibility of nanotech, was even envisioned until writers such as K. Eric Drexler came along to explain how this tech could work, something that is finally happening today thanks, in large part, to the personal computer revolution that began back in the early 80's.

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