Friday, July 31, 2015

Remembering Cecil in a good way

Yours truly won't talk about the wanton killing of Cecil the Lion by a unconscious moron but rather about how his kind, and other endangered species, can be saved if we change how we do business on planet earth. To that end, this Saturday, August 1st, a powerful wake up call telling us to do just that will take place via the Empire State building where ... 

The callous murder of Zimbabwe’s beloved Cecil, the lion, has cast the plight of endangered species across the internet.

But this Saturday night, that plight will be cast offline in a new way as well, as digital projection mapper Travis Threlkel and filmmaker/photographer Louie Psihoyos collaborate to project massive images of the world’s most majestic endangered animals onto the face of New York City’s Empire State Building.

“We’re going to try to create something beautiful, not bum people out,” says Threlkel, adding that “hopefully, this is one big domino. If we can tip it, it would be great.”

To yours truly, the Snow Leopard is one prime reason why biodiversity must be maintained, not only for preserving animals as magnificent as these big cats are but also for our survival as everything's connected and we are, as my wife is won't to say, only as strong as our weakest link.

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