Thursday, July 23, 2015

Divvying it up

Yours truly loves maps, especially if they illustrate data in ways not seen before, at least by this individual. To that end, How Much does the deed in spades in showing how the world's economy is divided by area. Awesome kind of says it all. With this in mind. Zero Hedge's take on the ponzi scheme writ large by the banks vis a vis the creation of unsustainable debt laid on entities like Greece means pucker up time is fast approaching if their analysis rings true. From this perspective, it looks pretty sound to me. To whit:

If itsy bitsy pie slice – Greece (.33%) – can create this much worldwide economic havoc because of their unpayble level of debt, imagine what will happen when the truth is revealed about France (3.81%), Italy (2.88%), and Spain (1.88%). China’s (13.9%) entire economic model has been built upon debt and the world consuming their output.

The world has run out of money to consume their shit. Japan (6.18%) is in the midst of a demographic and debt death spiral. The U.S. (23.32%) is living on borrowed time and the continued dominance of the USD. How long will it last? We are inhabiting in a world stacked with TNT run by monkeys with matches.

The map explained.

Any questions?

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