Saturday, July 04, 2015

Estimated Prophet :)

Yours truly has seen a lot of concerts, particularly from the early 60's to early 70's. One group I only saw once were the Dead, one of the truly great bands of all time, who did the ultimate mashup of blues, Django, bluegrass, reggae, jazz and rock in a style both generous and pure CA to the max. To make amends for only catching them once, here's a connect to arguably one of the best concerts they did way back in 1977, the same year Steely Dan did the deed with their masterpiece AJA.

Check out Estimated Prophet where Garcia does wa wa to the max with a touch of reggae thrown in for good measure. Without question, rock, back in the day, was truly unconscious, in a very good way. :)

Had to put in Blues for Allah, another gem from the Dead circa 1975.

Last but not least, here's a stellar 1972 concert stream.

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