Tuesday, June 30, 2015

la tendre indifférence du monde

This past weekend, yours truly visited his brother & significant other on the Cape. While there, they took me and my wife to a shoal at maximum low tide, whereupon we walked out for over a mile into the mist, in total silence and awe of the vastness of nature, something Camus captured in L’Étranger, the classic existential novel whose essence can be summed up in five unforgettable words ... la tendre indifférence du monde = literally, "the tender indifference of the world")

When reading Camus, one sees just how fleeting and insignificant our existence truly is in comparison to a reality of forever, where life is but a temporary hedge against the void before being recycled as all things are in this part of the multiverse. Needless to say, yours truly will come back to the shoal again as experiencing something as powerful as this is existence at its best, something I bet Camus would appreciate to the max.

Click here to get Camus' classic for free. :)

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