Monday, June 08, 2015

A Different Perspective ... On reaching 1600

A Different Perspective ... On reaching 1600 is, IMHO, a pretty significant number, something never even conjectured when starting up BRT 7+ years ago on the suggestion of a good friend stating the ideas we discussed at length, might have enough gravitas to share with the connected world of the net, a thought both intriguing and terrifying when posting the first blurb back in 2007 from one who is not a professional writer by any stretch of the imagination but rather one insatiably curious about how reality works at a deep level.

So what are these levels? For starters, it's the BRT links garnered over the years, the connects to amazing sources of knowledge that show the good side of the net, where nuanced and well researched ideas are shared and amplified due to the elimination of the Tower of Babel file formats made possible by the rise of the web, a chaotic system of ever increasing size that never ceases to amaze in the fact the damn thing works through voluntary adherence to open standards, thus forever changing how the world does business.

At the same time, BRT has discussed the inevitable costs of virtually every process known to man as the 1st law of thermodynamics rules whereby energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transformed, a notion now being artfully integrated into entanglement and wormholes (ER = EPR), a duality top scientists are now viewing as the prime drivers to the creation of existence. This cost variable of the first law also applies to tech, war, sex and drugs along with governance and caring for the environment as there's no such thing as a free lunch, ever.

At the same time this notion of entanglement and wormholes is being discussed, the 2nd law (Boltzmann, Wheeler et al) , gives rise to entropy and information where the entropy of any system will always increase in time, thus increasing the amount of disordered information in that system, something contradicted by life where life temporarily takes energy (transforms) from the given system and reduces entropy by encapsulating a part of the reality in question and using the energy extracted to transform unordered information into structured, something we see 24/7 on planet earth and, as yours truly believes, will be seen outside of terra firma in the not too distant future.

As for how little we know, just look out into the vastness of space and see how limited our view truly is, something Carl Sagan expressed with eloquence and passion in The Pale Blue Dot.

As for governance or the lack thereof, BRT has talked at length about subjects ranging from the abject failure of the neocons regarding all things related to foreign policy to the resolute obtuseness of politicos rejecting science and evolution in favor of 24/7 jesus as the infrastructure of the nation goes down the tubes in favor of never ending war enriching the military/industrial/congressional complex at the expense of this once great nation.

As for economics, back in 1980, financialization accounted for 5% of the economy while in 2015, it accounts for nearly 40%.

As for art, music, video and writing, along with mashops of every conceivable description, the beat goes on, amplified by the web 24/7, the digital wild west where freedom and surveillance reign supreme, where knowing the ground is key and where the willingness to ask questions and have a beginner's mind in trying to understand how this crazy existence may actually work are, in this person's take, rules to live by as we move further into this exciting yet perilous times of a world driven by the Anthropocene, where we have become nature, a notion disquieting to say the least.

On that positive note, here's to 1600 and to future blurbs as there more then enough grist in the mill to grind as we move ever forward into the 21st century. :)

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