Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Snow in Gronk inches. :)

Had to put this in as yours truly, being from MA, has viewed, with stunned amazement, on just how much Boston has GOTTEN HAMMERED by the winter of 2015. Click the graphic above to access the PDF to accurately see the amount of show, in athlete height, bean town has gotten. 

Simply astounding and yes, two more storms are on the way as we speak but realize this, climatologists got it right regarding the impact GW is beginning to have on winters ranging from dry to ridiculous as seen by the two monster winters the NE has had within a four year time span. Lastly, pray to god you, and I, don't lose power as February drags on and on and on. At least it's not Groundhog Day or is it? :)

A classic if there ever was one. :)

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