Sunday, February 22, 2015

IMp :)

Lego's rock. From Batman to jet engine mockups, this astounding "toy" has captured the imagination of millions, including yours truly, who played with this tech with his son for hours as there is virtually nothing you can't build with this ingenious offering from Denmark. To that end, researchers put together a clever tool set to display pinned insects to be scanned, something both incredibly sophisticated yet cheap, two essentials for tech of the most innovative kind.

“There’s no view you cannot get with the manipulator, which is cool,” he said. “It’s a working prototype. It’s good; it’s durable, and really cheap. You can order its pieces from anyplace in the world, and anybody can build it.” Step-by-step instructions to construct his designs were published and made freely downloadable this month in the journal Zookeys.

Seen below is Lego Batman. Nothing else needs to be said. Enjoy.

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