Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Perils of Pauline

When looking at XL, one cannot reasonably expect said project's technological capabilities will mirror the  Perils of Pauline flicks where the heroine continually faces horrifying situations, like the one seen below, that are always successfully resolved just in the nick of time, something simply not possible whenever an "oil" spill, consisting of the corrosive and polluting tar sands dibit  occurs, as seen not only on the map above but also in Mayflower, AK, when 210,000 gallons of Canadian crude made its presence known to the town on March 29, 2013.

If XL is built, check out how much toxic sludge will be going over the largest aquifer in North America.

Sounds like a rather dubious plan given that:
  1. The XL needs a price point of $65/barrel to make it profitable 
  2. Monies made from the sale & transport of the sludge to China & significant others, go to the oil companies and not to the US as the oil companies desperately need the money to continue to frack and drill for natural gas and shale oil as both enterprises, like the tar sands, need the $65/barrel price point to stay in business and...
  3. The tar sands dibit is, as stated before, the dirties fossil fuel on the planet.

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