Thursday, January 08, 2015

Nous Sommes Charlie Hebdo

It's time to talk about the absurdity of fanaticism and how it relates to religion, the existence of which has "coerced" "righeous" individuals to kill people in Holland, France, Afghanistan, Sweden, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Syria and Saudi Arabia, among significant others, for harmless satiric images of, in this case,  Mohammed. 

In light of all this senseless violence, the question no one seems to ask these thugs who commit these horrible crimes in the name of whatever is, What physical or economic impact have these cartoons had on your existence? 

As a matter of fact, similar questions should be asked regarding other practiced intolerances like gay marriage, women's right to choose or all things relating to racism or differences in faith because prejudice of any type has negatively impacted society, to varying degrees, since the beginning of time. I post Author's innocent yet profound toons to encourage people to question because all creative acts start with a question, never an answer, something altogether different from the kind of insane devotion that compelled fanatics to kill 12 innocent people for no reason save that of religious beliefs. Yours truly wanted to put in another of Author's cartoons but won't, for now, because he's right, this is not a time of laughter but of reflection as We All Are Charlie Hebdo.

Click here to see responses from artists all over the world. Thanks Sifter, I needed that.

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