Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Age of Unreason

A firestorm is coming, unleashed by the supremes, first with Citizens United and McCutcheon, now with Greece NY and Hobby Lobby. Class war and the triumph of religion over science is  a recipe for disaster, enabled by a feckless court who values personal beliefs over the national interest. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing when establishing separation of church and state as a key component of the Constitution because of two reasons, one, sound governance as a government based on secular law can be applied to everyone without issue, something that has worked for America for well over 220+ years prior to the Roberts court, and two, reduce complexity as there are many religions other then christianity and when a government is skewed to one, belivers of these different faiths will resent and resist said government with ever mounting anger (Middle East anyone?), something Alito and company just don't seem to realize when pulling the trigger on Hobby Lobby.

Your's truly agrees with the excellent analysis by the Daily Beast regarding Hobby Lobby in terms of religion trumping science and the notion of the ruling becoming  a Pyrrhic victory  
because of the multiplicity of religions and the firestorm that is coming due to the supremes incredible stupidity when dealing with an issue as dangerous as this one truly is.

Well, under Hobby Lobby’s imaginative causal nexus, they morally responsible for it.  Thus photographers, bakers, hotel owners, restaurateurs, and retailers of any kind can object to “facilitating” gay weddings, or interracial ones, or interfaith ones.  Maybe Hobby Lobby can ban gays from their registry.

Moreover, with an increasingly multi-religious America, subsequent claims may not be as beloved to conservatives as this one.  May pious Muslims ban immodestly dressed women, or all women for that matter, from their company’s stores?  May they refuse to hire women as employees?

Or, as Justice Ginsberg noted, how about corporations owned by people who are religiously barred from blood transfusions (Jehovah’s Witnesses), antidepressants (Scientologists), and vaccinations (Christian Scientists)?  On its face, Hobby Lobby says it’s not about those cases.  But its logic certainly applies: if I believe that vaccinations are morally wrong, my company should not have to provide coverage for them.

The Firestorm begins 

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